The World's best known sweepstakes company, Publisher's Clearning House, is annoucing an exciting new sweepstakes: a $21,000,000.00 draw! Best of all, like all true sweepstakes, it's free! According to Publisher's Clearing House:

The Best Things In Life Are Free!

Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. A legitimate sweepstakes will never charge you to win. Ever. If you are contacted by a scam artist who says you've won, but requires you to buy something, pay a fee, or pay taxes, hang up the phone immediately. Since 1967, we've featured our famous sweepstakes as a way of introducing consumers to the quality magazines and products we sell. From time to time, our representatives may call with news of exciting new offers or to renew your magazine subscriptions. But you never have to buy anything -- or pay a fee -- to enter a Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes or to receive a prize. So if you ever receive a call from somebody offering you a sweepstakes prize, just ask one simple question: "Is it free?" If it isn't, then it's not a legitimate sweepstakes -- and it's certainly not from Publishers Clearing House!


To enter the Publisher's Clearning House $21,000,000.00 Sweepstakes, simply click here! (Don't forget to come back to Aardvark's Sweepstakes Guide to enter all of our other fabulous sweepstakes for free!)