Who's Responsible for all This!?

Simple answers. All sponsors have giveaways! What do they give away? Everything! Diamonds, Boats, Cars, Trips, Cruises, Stereos, Big Screen TV's, Scholarship Money, Grocery Certificates, Computers! You name it, it's being given away! Some of the more exotic/of beat items I've seen given away are: One of Princess Diana's Gowns, Elvis' Foster Grants, $1,000,000 in the Bud Bowl, The Simpsons Replica House, a Submarine, 10 Corvettes to Grand Prize Winner, Walk-On Roles in a TV/on a Movie! And realistically, they also give away the little prizes: T-shirts, Can Kozies, Backpacks, Posters. So why do they give this stuff away? Because this form of advertising works! Americans want the good life! We all feel we deserve some glamour luxury! We all want that Shiny New Car in the glossy ad! We all like to dream....

Let me give a "for instance". For instance, let's say there's a sweepstakes giving away a Trip to Aruba. You'll stay at the Holiday Inn Beach Resort & Casino. You'll fly economy class on American Airlines. When you arrive, you will have full use of a Budget Car Rental. Prize includes one night's dinner for 2 at The Lighthouse. Sudden, all these companies just got advertising: Holiday Inn, American Airlines, Budget Car Rental & The Lighthouse. These services they gave away cost them literally nil as compared to what the average consumer would have to pay (considering they could afford it). And, it's a tax write off for them, by giving away these services. And that may be the Grand Prize in that Aruba Sweepstakes, but how about the 2nd Prize being a Free Airline Ticket on American Airlines? Again, it costs them nothing, it's a tax write off for them, & you may want to travel with a spouse or honey & thus you may buy Airline Ticket #2. And...In this same sweepstakes, let's say the 3rd Prizes are T-shirts that say "Budget Car Rental" on them. Here we go again...Costs the sponsor almost nil, it's a tax write-off for them & SUDDENLY.....You wear the T-shirt that says "Budget Car Rental" & VOILA! hey have a "Walking advertisement"!!! We all win!! Sponsor & Consumer alike!!